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            Wade new material

            — Leader in roofing system materials

              Since its establishment in 1992, Wade new material has devoted itself to the R & D, production and sales of cement products. The birth of the first cement tile of Wade new material in 1997 injected new vitality into the domestic roof tile industry and completely broke the previous pattern of foreign brands unifying China.

              More than 20 years of nausea, inspiration and gratitude!

              Wade new material has developed into four subsidiaries: Handan Wade, Wuhan Wade, Handan kefu'an and Anhui Wade. The products have formed a material supplier of roof system integrating roof insulation, roof waterproof, roof tile and various roof accessories. It is also rated as a high-tech enterprise by the state!
              The fully automated production line imported from Italy in 2014 has become an advanced fully automated production line in Asia, realizing the whole process unmanned p...
              Hebei Cheng'an factory
              Located in Cheng'an mall Industrial Park, Handan City, Hebei Province, it is a high-tech enterprise focusing on R & D, production and sales of building energy-saving materials. The total investment is 80 million yuan; It covers an area of 35000 ㎡ and the existing building area is 18000 ㎡. In 2013, the enterprise introduced the international advanced intelligent roof system material production line and took the lead in realizing the fully automatic roof system material production of batching, forming, coloring, maintenance operation and packaging in China. The product quality has been greatly improved, which has established the leading position of Wade new material in the industry.
              Hubei Daye factory
              Hubei Wade factory is the fourth generation factory of Wade new material. It is located in Daye City, Hubei Province, covering an area of 80 mu. It is the production and R & D base in Central China of Wade new material. The main equipment adopts the new generation 144-18-matrix-60tpm automatic cement tile production line of votex, Italy, which can produce a full range of Wade products. The equipment operation can realize remote control, remote fault diagnosis and commissioning. It has: Test and testing center, technical training center and product culture exhibition center. The MES manufacturing execution system we strive to build can realize production plan management, production process control, product quality management, workshop inventory management, project Kanban management, etc.
              Anhui Langxi factory
              Anhui Wade factory is the fifth generation factory of Wade new material. It is located in Xuancheng City, Anhui Province. It is under construction and covers an area of 100 mu. It is the East China production and R & D base of Wade new material. Under the guiding ideology of "scale, intelligence, informatization and standardization" of chairman Xie Fuqiang, Anhui Wade will be built into a comprehensive entity with multi-function and multi business forms according to local conditions, scientific planning, reasonable layout and independent construction, strive to improve the intelligent level of the tile industry, and build a smart factory with adaptability, resource efficiency and genetic engineering, And integrate customers and business partners in business processes and value processes. Technology research and development direction: research and development of the perfect combinati...
            • Tile hanging plate energy saving
            • Insulation inlaid ventilation
            • Chinese roof solution
              Learn from the advanced waterproof concept of sloping roof in Europe, change the plane waterproof to three-dimensional waterproof, adopt new waterproof board materials, integrate material waterproof and structural waterproof, and cooperate with roof system components to realize all-weather and all-weather dry operation.
              As the optimization of the traditional roof ventilation scheme, the addition of aluminum foil cushion forms an air layer between the reflective aluminum foil and the thermal insulation board embedded between the downstream strips, replacing part of the thickness of the thermal insulation board, and the thermal insulation protection layer is omitted
            • Wade color concrete tile
            • Yiande hanging tile system
            • Yigude fastening system
            • Yihengde ventilation system
            • Yihengde node system
            • Yishunde drainage system
            • Yipude waterproof system
            • Kefu insulation system
            • Chemical bolt

            • Galvanized ste...

            • Self tapping s...

            • Plastic expans...

            • Anticorrosive ...

            • Lightning prot...

            • Knock the wind...

            • Joist support

            • Tile buckle

            • Conical ridge ...

            • Cornice ventil...

            • Cornice grate

            • Ridge tile ven...

            • Ridge tile coil

            • Flood line

            • Gentle flashing

            • Elastic flashi...

            • Aluminum drain...

            • Yipude waterpr...

            • EPD waterproof...

            • Aluminum foil ...

            • Reflective alu...

            • XPS insulation...

            • major

              Because of concentration and professionalism. Twenty eight years of production history, independent...

            • innovate

              Wade new material cooperates with many international well-known companies such as vortex, OMS, Hexi...

            • quality

              Adopt European advanced equipment and technology. Raw materials: selected river sand with special a...

            • service

              Full time service team and perfect service system.

            • environment

              Garden factory, green production, providing environmental protection and green products for the soc...


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